Our Initiatives

  • CCKC Ltd has started Dak Aspatals in Post Office across Rural India to provide tele-consultancy to patients in Rural India.
  • In this covid pandemic Dak Aspatal has played an important role in treating patients in rural India where there is a huge deficit of Doctors.
  • To meet the expenses of the Dak Aspatal and to provide free consultancy and medicines to the Rural India which is underprivileged sponsors are being invited by Dak Aspatal.
  • We are the NGO Partners of Dak Aspatal for sponsors who want Tax benefits for this noble cause.
  • We are transferring the entire sponsorship donations to Dak Aspatal which is playing an exemplary role in providing treatment to Rural India.

Vocational Education Program

  • MUPDC believes that for the overall Development of Uttar Pradesh depends upon the growth and development of individuals of the State.
  • Since 2014 Council has been imparting skill development to the economically backward youths of Uttar Pradesh free of cost.
  • The economically backward youths from Uttar Pradesh are offered on-site training in the firm with stipend being offered by the Sponsor of the youth.
  • The youths that are successful after on-site training are retained by the firm.
  • The Council for the past 6 years has been successfully imparting vocational education and the number of youths being imparted training and getting job has been increasing on YOY basis.
  • The Council has been successful in providing jobs to 552 successful candidates till date.

  • Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh comprising the ravines of Chambals is one of the most backward region of India.
  • The Council Proposes to start “Bundelkhand Vocational Eduation & Training School” for imparting Vocational Education to the economically backward youths of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Council proposes to start the school at Sajeti, Off. Kanpur-Hamirpur Road, Kanpur (Dehat), Uttar Pradesh.
  • The Council will impart the training free of cost along with food and beverages to the students of the school.
  • Council will ensure that the Courses offered in the school are designed to suit the demand of the industry.
  • The cost of the project as of today is Rs.44 million.
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Uttar pradesh - State Of Oppurtunity (2006, 2011, 2016)

  • Uttar Pradesh has the distinction of being most populous State in India.
  • Uttar Pradesh is also the largest producer of food-grains, milk & sugarcane in India.
  • In 2006,2011 & 2016 ,”Uttar Pradesh - State of Opportunities” was organized by the Council in Mumbai to Discuss, Deliberate & Debate venues of opportunities in Uttar Pradesh for the business community.
  • The Council failed to convince the business community the opportunities in Uttar Pradesh and failed to translate the convention into attaining tangible results.

  • In 2004, “Ganga Mela - Festival of Uttar Pradesh” was organized in Mumbai to showcase the rich tradition and culture of Uttar Pradesh in Mumbai.
  • The mela had stalls related to tourism, small scale industries, handicrafts etc.
  • The mela had a distinct food court offering a variety of culinary delights from various parts of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Well known artists from Uttar Pradesh performed cultural programs to showcase the cultural pageantry of the State

UP Vikas Setu App

  • Covid pandemic has displaced millions of migrants across India who have been forced to leave their livelihood and return to their native place.
  • Today though they have returned to their home town, they do not have the means of livelihood to support themselves and their family.
  • UP Vikas Setu is the bridge between these migrant workers and the employers of Uttar Pradesh.
  • UP Vikas Setu offers a platform for all type of investors to understand the investment opportunities in Uttar Pradesh.
  • UP Vikas Setu offers a platform for small investors to come together and invest as a single unit.
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