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Refer - Jobless Youth

  • The foundation of every State is the education and development of its youth.
  • Role of youths in the development of a State is of great importance.
  • It is the primary responsibility of every citizen of India to promote education and development of youths.
  • If you come across a youth who is economically backward and wants a job, refer the jobless youth to us.
  • Referring means registering the jobless youth in the UP Vikas Setu App.                                                                                                                                
Refer - Jobless Youth

  • The success of every business establishment is the result of the efforts of its workforce.
  • Every business establishment requires blue collared workers for their day to day affairs.
  • The search for blue collared worker is a tedious and laborious job.
  • If you come across a business establishment/organization/ firm/ contractor who requires blue collared workers, refer the said business establishment to us.
  • We will offer blue collared workers to these business establishments as per their requirement.
  • Referring means registering the business establishment in the UP Vikas Setu App.
Refer Employer

Refer Investor

  • The success of economically advance states in India is directly proportionate to the ability of these states to attract investors in their respective States.
  • Uttar Pradesh could have been a great success story had it been able to attract investment.
  • Uttar Pradesh has the strongest work force in India and the cost of business is the cheapest still it fails to attract investors.
  • If you have an investor interested in Uttar Pradesh refer the said investor to us.
  • Referring means registering the investor in the UP Vikas Setu App.
Refer Investor

  • Natives of Uttar Pradesh are spread across India and abroad.
  • These natives are eager to change the perception of Uttar Pradesh as an economical laggard state but they either lag a business plan or have limited resources.
  • These small investors having limited resources and / or a business plan can be bunched together to form a formidable business.
  • If you have a small investor interested in investing in Uttar Pradesh refer the said small investor to us.
  • Referring means registering the small investor in the UP Vikas Setu App.
Refer Small Investor

Sponsor Jobless Youth

  • Resources are required to transform a jobless unskilled youth to skilled youth with a job.
  • You could sponsor a jobless youth by adopting an unskilled youth and giving him training at your facility and later on a job at your facility.
  • It will enable the jobless unskilled youth to transform into a skilled youth as per your business requirements.
  • You could also donate to the Council and the Council will utilize that fund to sponsor unskilled jobless youths.
Adopt a unskilled youth Donate to Council

  • Bundelkhand is one of the most backward region in India.
  • A chance to help & re-build lives devastated in the ravines of Chambal in Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh by offering free vocational education to the youths of Bundelkhand.
  • “Bundelkhand Vocational Education & Training School” is to impart vocational education to the economically backward youths of Bundelkhand.
  • Cost of the project is 4.4 crores.
  • Donate liberally and participate in redefining and building Bundelkhand and Uttar Pradesh.
Donate to Council Brochure of BVET School